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Saltwater Fly Fishing

Fly fishing isn’t just for freshwater lakes and streams. Tossing a fly for bonefish, halibut and even sharks is a blast too.

Top Saltwater Flies for Surf Fishing, Shallow Water
A Look at Some Popular Flies for Nearshore Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Halibut
Everything you need to know about fly fishing for halibut.

How to Catch Surfperch
Fall and winter can be an ideal time for finding surfperch.

Saltwater Fishing
A great saltwater fishing Web site for general tips and information on ocean species.

Saltwater Flies
A list of hundreds of different saltwater fly fishing patterns.

Rod, Reel and Line Care
Helpful advice on cleaning and maintaining fly rods and reels after saltwater fishing trips.

Tying the Crab Fly
Crab flies are a go-to pattern for bonefish and other types of saltwater species.

Six Great Streamer Flies
Streamers are the most common flies used in saltwater fly-fishing.

Spey Rods and Lines

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