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Chest Pack Vs. Vest

Chest packs have become popular with younger anglers

Survey: Anglers Prefer Fishing to Family

Anglers said in a survey they would rather fish than spend time with family, go to work or meet the president

Youth Team Coach Bourcq: Teamwork the Key

Gold-medal team shared intel at youth world fly-fishing championship in Poland

Youth Team USA Wins World Championship

U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team wins 2014 world championship in Poland

How Montana Keeps Its Trout Wild

Montana doesn't stock trout in streams with wild trout populations

Interview with Jim Murphy of Douglas Outdoors

Douglas Outdoors will sell high-end American-made fly rods, along with mid-priced models

How to Make a Reach Cast

The Reach Cast helps you overcome drag and catch more fish

Youth Team USA to Defend Gold in Poland

The U.S. Fly Fishing Team tries for its third gold medal at the 2014 world championship in Poland.

The Fly Tester: Swim Your Fly at Home

The Fly Tester allows fly-tiers to see what their flies look like in moving water

EPA Sets Limits for Pebble Mine

The EPA wants to block the proposed Pebble Mine's impact on streams and wetlands to protect salmon.

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