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'The Gamest Fish That Swims'


James Henshall praised the bass way back in 1881. Nearly a century and a half later, fly-fishing for smallmouths and largemouths is still great fun, especially when the heat of summer causes a lull in trout fishing. About.com takes a look at pursuing America's most popular game fish.

Fly Fishing Spotlight10

The Fly Tester: Swim Your Fly at Home

The Fly Tester allows fly-tiers to see what their flies look like in moving water

EPA Sets Limits for Pebble Mine

The EPA wants to block the proposed Pebble Mine's impact on streams and wetlands to protect salmon.

Fly-Fishing for Bass

Snallmouth and Largemouth bass are great for fly-fishing

Fly Stuck in a Tree? Proceed with Caution

Always check your fly after pulling it free from an obstruction

Seasonal Streams and the Clean Water Act

Trout Unlimited says even streams that dry up at times are vital for healthy fisheries

Safe Wading

Common sense and some basic gear can help anglers stay on their feet in the water.

Fly-Fishing Therapy for Disabled Vets

Project Healing Wasters Fly Fishing brings wounded service members and veterans together for fishing and camaraderie.

Tubers and Trout Fishers

Tubing on trout streams is becoming more popular, but causing conflict with fly-fishers.

Summertime Trout Fishing

Tailwater rivers and spring creeks are good places to fish for trout in the summer.

The Must-Have Pheasant Tail Nymph

Th Pheasant Tail nymph is a must-have for trout fishers everywhere.

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