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Best Fly Rods - G. Loomis Fishing Rods

G Loomis Creates Some of the Top Fly Fishing Rods in Washington


G. Loomis knows a thing or two about world records.

With 24 fly fishing world records, as listed in the International Game Fish Association’s 2007 World Record Game Fishes book, only one fly rod company has more (Sage with 75).

And G. Loomis has another world record that even Sage can’t touch, the world casting record of 243 feet.

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About G. Loomis Fly Rods

G. Loomis was founded in 1982 by Gary Loomis, creating high-end rods for both freshwater and saltwater anglers who are serious about quality and performance.

In terms of the quality, G. Loomis rods are made from proprietary resins and composite sheets designed especially for the Woodland, Washington-based company – created to hold up to the stresses big-game fish can provide.

In terms of performance, the G. Loomis employees have been on staff an average of 15 years and are some of the harshest critics of their products.

World casting champion Steve Rajeff, for example, is a longtime G. Loomis designer who recently shattered the world record with a single-hand cast of 243 feet!

So in terms of the distance casting rods, you can guarantee G.Loomis rods are right at the top of that list.

New RoaringRiver Fly Rods by G. Loomis

One of G. Loomis’ latest editions is the RoaringRiver GLX Switch, 11-foot trout and steelhead fly rods that offer the flexibility to make traditional single hand casts, roll casts or full-on spey casts.

The rods come in weights of 5, 7 and 8, allowing for long casts whether you’re into casting with one or two hands.

Other popular models from the RoaringRiver line include the Greased Line Spey Rod (Traditional Style), Dredger Spey Rods (Skagit Style) and Stinger Spey rods (Scandinavian Style).

Other Fly Rods by G. Loomis

Cross Current Saltwater Fly Rod

In lengths of 8-3 to 11-3 and line weights of 6-15, there’s a rod in this class for just about every salty situation you can find.

In fact, that’s the formula spelled out by G. Loomis: “Find the moving water and find the fish.”

Tide and current are the keys when fishing saltwater, and with more than a dozen model numbers to pick from, G. Loomis has those cross currents covered.

StreamDance GLX

One of the nicest trout rods you’ll find in the $660 range. These medium-fast to fast taper, medium stiffness rods are popular in shootouts, running from 8-3 all the way to 10 feet with weights of 3-6. G.Loomis calls “these rods the best all-around trout rods on the planet, bar none.”

It’s hard to argue with that. … Want something smaller? Try the WhisperCreek series, based on the similarly priced StreamDance GLX, but made for smaller water and even spookier fish.


Also retailing in the mid $600 range, the Max GLX is made with drift boat and raft anglers in mind.

These are great rods for poor conditions, too, allowing the angler to muscle through winds, rain, strong currents, not to mention large patterns.

GL3 Rods

About half the price of the GLX, the GL3s can be had in a dozen different lengths/weights and still offer great quality along with the great value.


Priced around $325, the 8-foot ShoreStalker is a shorter specialty rod geared toward river smallmouth and smaller largemouth bass.

GL2 Rods

The GL2s, considered a phase one/entry level rod, retail for just over $200 and are great small-stream/pack rods. I love tiny, two-piece rods like this when I’m flipping small flies in tight corners.

But if you’re hunting for something big, you’ll want to step up and go with the GL3 or GLX.

Other rods worth checking out include the Xperience, East Fork, Fly and NativeRun Quinault.

G.Loomis Fly Reels

G.Loomis also makes some fine reels, including the Eastfork for under $200. All three models are equipped with strong, smooth and, more importantly, sensitive drag systems that are all about performance. They’re also both forged and machined, so they’ll stand up to the elements as well.

The Current Reels are my favorite, double anodized and cold forged, so they look good on top of performing unlike many easy swap reels. The quick-release button spool makes swapping out lines a snap, and is perfect for the lefty anglers in the crowd. The reels retail for between $250-475 with an extra spool running $145-185 depending on the weight.

The Venture is the best value among the G.Loomis reels, running about $100. A spare spool usually runs around $65. These champagne gold/anodized finish reels are available in three sizes: #3, #5 and #7.

Additional G. Loomis Gear

G. Loomis also makes a great line of quality blanks and offers popular fishing gear with the white skeleton fish logo and “Fear No Fish” tagline.

While you can’t yet order products from the G. Loomis website, it includes a list of dealers. You can also inquire about the products and even order some of the gear by calling 1-800-456-6647.

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