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Fly Rod Review of Temple Fork Outfitters’ BVK


Temple Fork’s Outfitters’ new BVK fly rods might fall under the “economical” fly rod category, but if this $250 fly rod is good enough for Lefty Kreh it’s good enough for me.

The Hall of Fame fly fisherman spent the better part of the previous year designing the BVK with his old friend and fishing buddy Flip Pallot, a famous outdoorsman in his own right having spent two decades filming fishing shows for ESPN and the Outdoor Channel.

All that experience really came together for the BVK rods, which “are everything I hoped for,” Kreh says. “You can't beat the performance, and you sure can't beat the price."

No you can’t.

The BVK – which has both freshwater and saltwater models -- technically sells both models for less than $250 as the list price is between $224.95-$249.95.

Czech Nymph Rod Conversion Kit

And if anglers want to take the rod a step further, they can pick up the 3-weight conversion kit that transforms the 8-foot, 3-weight BVK into a 10-foot Czech nymph and dry fly rod for $99.95.

That’s essentially two rods for the price of, well, half the price of the latest run of 2011-12 rods -- which are running in the $600-700 range from the bigger fly rod manufacturers.

BVK Fly Rod Details

So what makes the BVK so great, besides the price?

Well, it’s a rod that allows for precise casting because it’s lightweight, but it’s also strong enough for distance casters like Lefty and can withstand the elements thanks to guides that feature chrome anodized, stainless steel inserts pressed into a machined, hard-annodized, satinless steel frame for extreme durability in both freshwater and saltwater.

BVK Colors and Styles

This initial run of the BVK rods comes with an olive blank equipped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, TFO’s Tactical Series Stripping Guides, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and flor grade grips.

The rod is available for just about every fishing condition, and sells in weights of 3-10.

And the lightest of which, the 8 foot 3-weight BVK weighs only 2.4 ounces if you can believe that one.

User Reviews of Temple Fork Outfitters BVK

The reviews are in, and apparently the critics love the TFO BVK. A quick scan of the online fly rod review sites shows web users are enjoying the new rod.

On BassProShops.com, for example, the BVK has received a perfect five-star rating from all nine reviewers.

Not that this determines the full quality of a rod, but if there are no negative marks among nine reviewers on what could be seen by fly rod snobs as an inferior, economic fly rod, that’s a good thing in my eyes.

And with a manufacturer lifetime warranty, even if something does go wrong with your new Temple Fork Outfitters BVK, you know your rod is going to be OK over the long haul.

BVK Series Reels

Need a reel for that new BVK rod? No worries. During the development of the BVK Rod, the TFO team also came up with a design for a new BVK series of super large arbor reels.

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