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EXCLUSIVE: Angler Catches 1,000 Species of Fish – Wozniak Becomes First Fisherman to 1000

By August 18, 2010

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Steve Wozniak's 1,000th fish species was a coalfish caught in Norway

Steve Wozniak has done it.

In one of the most impressive yet overlooked fishing milestones we'll ever see, the globetrotting angler caught his 1,000th species of fish last month on the fjords of Norway, according to his personal blog.

Wozniak's 1,000th species was a coalfish, also known as a Pollachius virens for the scientific crowd, which he released unharmed shortly after getting a few snapshots.

Wozniak, of San Ramon, Calif., who we've written about a handful of times here on About.com, tells the story of his July 21 catch on his 1000 Fish blog:

"It wasn't epic, it wasn't a long fight - it wasn't even a particularly big coalfish. We imagine the big moments in our lives, and they never seem to go exactly how we envision them. I think I had sort of imagined it as being some massive fish in some tropical location, but here I was, an hour or so below the Arctic Circle, on July 21, 2010, at about 10 in the morning, and this accomplishment that had once seemed so far over the horizon had happened."

How did Wozniak celebrate?

Well, quietly.

Wozniak admits after dedicating much of the past decade and traveling to more than 60 countries on this worldwide quest of his, he was a little dumbfounded as he reflected on his accomplishment, but 6 minutes later they were hit by a school of pollock and he "was right back in the game. Six minutes after the countdown to 1000 had finished, the race for 2000 had officially begun."

He never even went to the media with his accomplishment, as little has been reported on his great feat other than by this and his own blog.

All of which is fitting for a man who quietly landed 1,000 species since dreaming up this idea a little more than a decade ago.

And with more than 30,000 known species of fish in the world, I wouldn't put 2,000, even 3,000 past him.

All hail to the Fishing Wizard Woz! Here's to thousands more Steve!

Photo courtesy Steve Wozniak


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