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From the Guides: Oregon, Hawaii, North Texas, Connecticut


We continue our From the Guides Series with some great fly fishing tips from various freshwater and saltwater fishing guides from around the country.

In our latest edition, we take time to talk fly fishing with some of our favorite fly fishing guides in Pacific City, Ore., Kailua, Hawaii, Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas, Union, Conn.

We cover everything from sea bass and coho fishing in Oregon, to bone fishing in Hawaii, which is something a lot of folks don’t realize can be an awesome fly fishing opportunity.

We continue across the country with inland updates about fishing for freshwater catfish, bass and crappie in North Texas, as well and get an update about the trout fishing tactics that seem to be working best in Connecticut.

Pacific City, Oregon

Guide David L. Stiles, captain of Eagle Charters in Pacific City (eaglechartersfishing.com , 1-877-392-3679) says Coho Salmon and Sea Bass are the best bets in Pacific City, Ore.

Stiles recommends fishing rock reefs for sea bass and coho, using swimbaits and salt flies.

His tip of the day? “Bring a large cooler.” So you know you’re going to get on some fish if you’re casing in Pacific City.

And if you have a shellfish license, might even pull in a crab for dinner.

“Always bring rain gear and warm clothing,” he added. “You need to have a valid fishing license and a shellfish license if the customer would like us to pull crab pots at the end of the day.”

Kailua, Hawaii

Coach Duff of Coach Duff's Hawaiian Flyfishing in Kailua (coachduffhawaii.com, 808-292-9680) says the east, south and north sides of Oahu are where it’s at in terms of island fly fishing.

Duff recommends 8 and 9 weight saltwater rods, bonefish taper lines, Mantis Shrimp patterns in 8 through 2 bead to tungsten, depending on the water depth you’re fishing.

If he had one tip for success on the fishery, he said to “show up a proficient caster or prepare to get smoked.”

But how big are the bonefish anglers can expect to catch out of Oahu?

“Biggest bones on planet earth, period,” he concluded.

Enough said.

Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas

Chad Ferguson, owner of North Texas Catfish Guide Service (learntocatchcatfish.com, 817-522-3804), knows a thing or two about catfish in Northern Texas.

And the best place to catch cats, according to Ferguson, is at the north end of Eagle Mountain Lake near Newark and Boyd, where fly fisherman can also catch white bass, gar, largemouth bass and crappie.

Even though the lake holds some big fish, Ferguson recommends fishing with light gear, and be sure to move around.

“Don't fish one place too long if you are not have success,” he said. “Move quickly and move often.”

Willington, Conn.

Jim Trinque, owner of JT’s Fly Shop in Union, Conn. (jtsflsyhop.com, 860-684-1575), likes the Willimantic River in Willington for its diversity of trout.

Over the entire trout management area, a stretch of 3.5 miles, rainbow, brown and brook trout can all be caught.

The best approach, Trinque says, is to “match the hatch, staying flexible to what you see on the water on an hourly basis.

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