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Fly Fishing the White River, in Cotter, Arkansas

This Area of Northern Arkansas is Named "Trout Capital USA" for a Reason


"Trout Capital USA."

That’s the nickname given to Cotter, Ark., home of the White River in Northern Arkansas, which is pound for pound one of the most productive trout destinations in the country thanks to a healthy stock of rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout. 

So productive in fact that the Arkansas Legislature officially tabbed Cotter "Trout Capital USA" – an impressive honor considering the fine fishing throughout the Ozark Mountains, not to mention the headlines grabbed by nearby Mountain Home, regularly considered one of the top 10 fly fishing towns in the country, according to Forbes. 

Bottom line being this region of Arkansas has plenty of fish and diversity in terms of the hatches that come off the river.

So bring a variety of flies and setups when you pack your bags for the Cotter area.

Some of the top flies local guides recommend include: Davy Wotton Whitetail Midges, Davy Wotton Sowbugs, Tailwater Soft Hackles, Zoo Cougars, Articulated Fatheads and Zebra Midges. Seasonal patterns to look for include Rhycophilia and Brachycentrus caddis hatches (spring), sulphur hatches (early summer) and 'hoppers (fall).

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