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Best Fly Fishing in the World (Countries A-E)


You know about all of the great fishing in the continental U.S., but where is the best fly fishing in the world?

Check out some of our favorite destinations outside the U.S.:

Australia: The Land Down Under might be known best for its kangaroos, but it also has a wealth of stellar fly fishing opportunities. Whether you're looking for a tropical paradise north of Cape York, or trophy trout down in Tasmania, Australia has your fly fishing fix covered.

Bahamas: And you thought the bonefishing in the Florida Keys was good. Wait until you check out the Bahamas. This tropical paradise not only gives anglers a change to kick back and enjoy the island life, but also gives them an opportunity to fight the famed "gray ghosts" of the flats.

Belize: Belize has a little bit of everything for the saltwater angler. Deep-sea big-game fish. Near-shore coral reef species. Flats fishing for bonefish and permit. Then there are the estuaries and river mouths, where the trophy tarpon and snook reside.

Bolivia: The Andes Mountains tower above in the background, but the real action is deep in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon Jungle. There, among the thick tropical growth, you might be surprised to find crystal-clear freestone streams running through the canyons. You'll also be surprised by the size of the fish here, particularly the giant golden dorado, one of the fiercest freshwater fighters you'll find anywhere.

Brazil: You've never experienced "bass" fishing quite like this. Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Jungle, anglers go to great lengths to fight with the heavyweight champion of all hawgs – Amazon's native peacock bass. When you finally spot one, you'll know what all the hype is about. And the only thing more impressive than the bright yellow, orange and red colors on the peacock bass is the fight in the peacock bass.

Canada: The next best thing to Alaska for many in North American anglers, Canada is legendary for its Atlantic salmon fishing. Miramichi River in New Brunswick, for example, was an annual getaway for Hall of Fame slugger and outdoorsman Ted Williams. Complement the salmon bite with Ontario's lake fishing for walleye and northern pike, and British Columbia's knack for steelhead, trout and char, and Canada is a freshwater fisherman’s dream come true.

Chile: Fly south for the winter and hook up with Patagonian brown trout that'll have you wondering why your fly rod traditionally goes into hibernation during the winter. Chile offers freshwater anglers everything from spring creeks to large rivers deep in the heart of the rain forest, providing anglers with a variety of freshwater species, including brown and rainbow trout along with the occasional silver or king salmon.

Columbia: Like many South American countries, Colombia offers a ton of diversity in its fisheries. The Caribbean and Pacific coastal waters have countless saltwater species, while its reservoirs and rivers are filled with trophy trout. Columbia even has a few tarpon hanging around the Magdalena delta waters, as well as sailfish, broadbills and tuna in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica: Everyone knows about the deep sea fishing in Costa Rica, for marlin and other big game species. But did you know Costa Rica is also home to one of fly fishing's most prized saltwater species? The roosterfish is one of the many nearshore species that calls Costa Rica home, and if the rooster is the last remaining species on your bucket list, Costa Rica needs to be your next stop.

England: From the classic chalk streams to the rivers and lakes of Yorkshire Dales, this is where it all began. Fly fishing in England is what the sport is all about. Whether you’re searching for native grayling or behemoth brown and rainbow trout, there’s no doubt England has the ol’ fish, and the fisheries, you’ve been yearning for. The English are also stellar competitors when it comes to the World Fly Fishing Championships.

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