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IGFA Top 10 Lists of Most Popular Fishing Gear


The International Game Fish Association has compiled and published a list of all of its world records for 2012, releasing the latest records in the 2013 IGFA World Record Game Fishes Book.

While I enjoy all of the record updates and seeing who caught the largest freshwater and saltwater species over the previous year, my favorite part of the book is International Game Fish Association's top 10 lists -- which compile the most popular scales, rods, reels, lines and tippets used to catch those species.

Below is a look at some of the most popular gear used to catch those record species last year:

Most Popular Fishing Scales

Boda Grip was by far the most used scale in 2012, used for a grand total of 94 world records. Think about that for a minute. Nearly 100 of the world records set last year were weighed on the Boda Grip. Time to get a Grip on your world record list.

Other scales that performed well on the world record stage last year included Rapala, which led to 73 world records, Digital Tray Scale (28 records), Berkley (21), Chatillion (19), Bonso (18), Salter Brecknell (17), Ballar (13) and Detecto (11) and IWS (11).

So why are scale types recorded for world records? For a world record to be considered by the International Game Fish Association, the governing body must first certify members' hand scales up to 100 pounds. This can be done before or after catches via mail.

Other necessities anglers must consider for their catch to become a world record: a digital camera, record application, tape measure and a line sample wrapped piece of cardboard.

Most Popular Fly Rods

As far as fly rods, Sage again takes the top spot (they were No. 1 the last time we updated the top fly rods list), used to catch 40 world records.

Scierra ranked second this year, used to catch 25 world records. G. Loomis was third, used to land 12 world records.

Temple Fork Outfitters was use to catch seven world records, while Reddington was fifth at six records.

All tied for sixth on the list were Cortland, LMR, Gold Cup and Hardy, which led to five world records apiece.

The top 10 was rounded out by Orvis with four world records, which just goes to show that you don't need the most expensive rods in the world to catch a world record fish.

I've written regularly about Redington rod and reel combinations on this site that retail for under $200, so don't let a bargain rod keep you from thinking you too could be a world record holder.

Most Popular Fly Reels

Alvey finished the year ranked No. 1 on the list of fly reels used to catch world record species in the IGFA record book in 2012. Alvey reels were used to catch 30 world records.

Our personal favorite, Abel (No. 1 on our best reels list last time around) was a close second with 28 world record catches, as Alvey and Abel were head and shoulders above the competition in 2012.

Coming in at No. 3 was Tibor reels with 11 world record catches.

Ross was fourth with eight world record catches, and Cortland and Lamson tied for fifth with seven world records.

Sage, which took the top spot on the fly rod list, also ranked fairly well on the reel list, chiming in at seven with six world record catches.

Hatch, Billy Pate and Orvis were all tied at eighth with four world record catches.

Most Popular Fly Tippets

Now that we've seen what the top scales, fly rods and reels were in 2012, we can't look past arguably the most critical piece of gear when it comes to hold onto and landing a world record. Tippets.

The tippets have to hold up to the wear and tear of the fight and the strain and pull of the fish as it makes its world record runs before coming to the boat.

And if you don't have a good, strong tippet, you're just not going to land that world record fish.

In terms of those tippets, Rio, one of our go-to tippets, took the top spot with 33 world records.

Second was black magic with 22 record fish.

Ande and Mason both tied for third place with 16 world records.

Momoi was fifth with nine world records. Seaguar and Umpqua were sixth with six world records apiece.

Berkley was eighth with five world records. Frog Hair was ninth with four world records, while six other brands finished tied for 10th with three world record catches.

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