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1,000 Fish Species & Counting: Wozniak Talks About Quest for Thousand Species

Wozniak Caught His 1,000th Species of Fish in Norway on July 21


Steve Wozniak catches 1000th species of fish, a coalfish off Norway

Steve Wozniak catches 1000th species of fish, a coalfish off Norway

Courtesy Steve Wozniak
On July 21, 2010, Steve Wozniak became the first angler to catch 1,000 fish species, landing No. 1,000 – a coalfish – in Vangshylla, Norway. When Wozniak returned to the U.S. on Aug. 18, he answered a few questions we had about his quest for 1,000 and how he came about the idea of becoming the first angler to do so.

About.com: First of all, where are you and what number are you on now?

Steve Wozniak: As of August 18, 2010, I am back home in San Ramon, California. I spent most of July in Europe, fishing in Germany, England, and Norway. I am proud to announce that I have just hit the 1000 species mark, on a coalfish in Vangshylla, Norway, on July 21. There will be a few more species to add from subsequent days in Norway, so the total count is going to be around 1007 as I get the last few blog entries done - 1000fish.Wordpress.com

What prompted you to go on this quest? Were you originally setting out to go for 1,000, or was there something else driving your expedition?

Like many strange quests, this started as a testosterone-driven competition between myself and a buddy over who had caught the most fish species. After it became clear that I was way ahead of him, I started liking the idea of tracking species and decided 1000 was a worthy goal to pursue. Obviously, it wasn't high enough.

What have been some of your favorite catches, and overall fishing destinations?

Some of the big game fish have been really great - Blue Marlin in Hawaii, Black Marlin in Australia, Swordfish in Florida - but I also have really enjoyed peacock bass in the Amazon and grouper in Mozambique. There are just so many different great places to go, it's hard to choose just a few.

How are you able to travel to 60 plus countries, and spend so much time on the water perusing your passion?

I have a job that takes me all over the world, so I get a lot of weekends in different locations, but I also plan a lot of vacations around an interesting fishing spot.

What were some of your more recent catches, and where were they found?

Germany wasn't exactly productive this time, as it was sweltering hot the entire trip, but England gave up some interesting saltwater species and some big pike, and Norway was fantastic for variety, numbers, and size. I got some beautiful cod, coalifish, polloch, cusk, and ling.

What fish has been successful in eluding you after all these years?

The dogtooth tuna. The white marlin. The crucian carp. Kessler's Goby. The golden trout. The #$%@ white seabass. Thresher shark. Dragon moray. Butterfly ray. The Belligerent Sculpin. (Look it up, it's real.) For God's sake, there are 31,000 fish species and I've only caught 1007 of them, so just about 97% of them have eluded me. And don't think this doesn't bother me.

What was the first fish you caught? How old were you when you caught it?

It was a redbreast sunfish in a lake in Maine in the summer of 1968. That would make me about 5 years old.

What got you into fishing in the first place?

I was always fascinated by what was down there, from my first fishing trips with my father back when I was a kid. I think there is an element of hunting to it, and also an element of plain old curiosity.

My girlfriend Marta would probably say I found a sense of accomplishment in outwitting something with the brain the size of a walnut, and it kept me off the streets.

I think that's it. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Keep an eye on the blog, 1000fish.Wordpress.com

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