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Product review: MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFD

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Product review: MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFD

Hate wearing a personal flotation device while fishing from a drift boat, float tube or kayak?

You're not alone. Many anglers despise traditional PFDs because they're too bulky, uncomfortable and restrictive when it comes to repeated fly casts.

That's where fishing PFDs like the MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFD come in handy.

MTI Adventurewear Dorado

Finally, a PFD created for the angler who prefers sit-on-top kayaking.

While there are plenty of angler-friendly PFDs on the market today, few have been designed with the hardcore paddler in mind.

Most fishing PFDs are for vertical fishermen who spend most of their days angling on their feet and don't mind loads of foam in the back. The outdated PFDs are extremely uncomfortable for paddlers who fly fish with their backs against a seat rest all day.

I've had some awkward-fitting PFDs over the years, and have even sacrificed safety by cutting out sections of foam to make long paddles more tolerable. There was just no way you could strap on a traditional fishing PFD and go for a 20-mile paddle.

That was until MTI Adventurewear came along and created the perfect fly fishing PFD. The Dorado ($70 MSRP) is just that, a dependable U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD with a zipper front, oversized arm slots for casting and a high mesh back for sit-on-top comfort.

The Dorado is packed with pockets, straps and holders for fly boxes, additional accessories and comes in olive or red. Both are type III PFDs made with comfortable PVC foam and a nylon shell that helps keep you dry and warm on the water.

The PFD also makes a good one for fly fishing on drift boats and float tubes because of all the pockets.

Go to mtiadventurewear.com for more information.


I tried the MTI Adventurewear Dorado during a weeklong, 100-mile kayak fishing trip down the coast of Central California this summer and I have to say, I felt a lot safer doing an open-ocean paddle while wearing the Dorado.

The MTI PFD just felt more secure, buoyant and safer in the event of a rollover in my kayak. It also had way more storage, which was important on this trip since we were packing all of our camping, fishing and paddling gear on the kayak. Definitely two thumbs up.

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