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Holiday Gift Guide: Gear for Fly Fishermen


Things have cooled down, and so has the fishing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gift wrap some fly fishing gear for your favorite angler this holiday season.

I’ve been lucky enough to product test some awesome fly fishing gear the past two years, so here’s a snapshot of some of the fly fishing goods I’d recommend this holiday season:

Omega Amphibian Navigator Float Tube Fins

If the fly fisher on your gift list likes to float tube (or belly boat as some call it) and needs a good pair of fins, look no further than the Omega Aquatics Amphibian fins. There are no better float tube fins on the market.

Sheffield Angler 17-in-1 Multi-Tool

Another good gift to consider for float tubers, or anyone who finds themselves on the water for extended periods of time and can benefit from a good multi-tool, the Sheffield Angler 17-in-1 multi-tool can handle just about every situation … along with the elements.

Scientific Anglers Reconnect Leader System

Now this might not be the best leader system for fly fishing purists, but it’s worth considering for anglers who like to swap out lines in a hurry and catch that trout they just saw rise. It’s also good for anglers who aren’t the best knot tiers. Scientific Anglers' new leader system, uses a plastic connect system to attach the leader to the fly line without the use of difficult knots.

MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFD

Now personal floatation devices aren’t the sexiest gift, but they could be life savers. And the MTI Adventurewear Dorado PFD is my favorite fishing PFT, whether I’m deep sea fishing or paddling across the local lake in my kayak or float tube.

Redington's Crosswater Youth Outfit

Now let’s not forget the little guys. If you have a little angler on your list this year, and you think they’re ready for their own rod and reel, check out Redington's Crosswater Youth Outfit for teenage anglers. It’s inexpensive and it’s a pretty solid combination as well. I’ve even borrowed by children’s combo from time to time when I need a light rod on a tiny stretch of water.

Redington Crosswater Fly Rod and Reel Review

For the big boys who are just getting into fly fishing, I’d recommend the Redington Crosswater fly rod and reel combo. Like the combo above, it’s inexpensive and one of the finer rods and reels you find for the price.

Review of Rivers of a Lost Coast

During the holiday season, the weather makes it tough to get out on the water. But that doesn’t mean you can’t curl up with your favorite fly fishing movie like “A River Runs Through It.” But if you’re looking for a real-life documentary on some classic fly fishing waters, check out "Rivers of a Lost Coast," a movie narrated by Tom Skerritt that looks at Northern California's legendary fly fishermen and their favorite steelhead and salmon rivers.

Kern River DVD

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to get up to California’s Kern River, you’ll want to pick up The Sierra Fly Fishing Vol. 1, Lower Kern River. It’s only a 30-minute long DVD, but it shows local fishing guide Guy Jeans landing some of the fattest rainbow trout you'll ever see, using techniques you’ll want to try next spring.

GoPro Hero Waterproof Digital Camera

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure your favorite angler can document that catch on their next fly fishing trip with all that fancy new gear you got them.

The GoPro Hero waterproof digital camera is my favorite fly fishing camera, because it won’t corrode if it gets wet, and it takes solid, wide-angle shots whether they’re taken above or under water.

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