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Coleman Sunrise Point 8-Person Tent Review


The Coleman Sunrise Point 8-Person Tent is pretty sweet for family men like me.

We just recently had our third child, so if we're all going to go learn how to fly fish and enjoy some camping anytime soon, it would have to be using a tent like this.

Plus, I've had so many tents over the years that ripped on trip No. 2 or 3, that I just feel a lot better about going into the outdoors with a Coleman brand tent next time I want to teach the kiddos how to fish.

They're bigger, safer and, more importantly, hold up to the elements when Mother Nature tries to rain on your parade.

Here's what makes the Coleman Sunrise Point 8-Person Tent better than the competition:

It has a waterproof floor, made of a patented welded floor that is truly waterproof and is certain to keep your sleeping bags and pillows dry and family from extreme conditions.

It has strong, inverted seams that keep the interior walls and creases dry as well. And the tent is built with the patented WeatherTec system, guaranteed to keep you dry.

And the insta-clip attachments help make for a strong frame that isn't going anywhere in the wind.

That's important, given this is a massive, 12' by 12' tent that's 6-feet tall. And being it's a dome tent, it gives the wind that much more surface area to blow your tent over.

The good news is you'll have plenty of room to stand up, change your clothes and move around with the little ones around you in this big tent.

Fortunately, the Coleman Sunrise Point 8-Person Tent comes with plenty of stakes and holds things down pretty good, even when empty in the windy spring season when I first tried this bohemoth of a tent out.

Now it's not a backpacking tent by any means, so it is heavy, but what do you expect from a tent that can hold two queen air mattresses?

It's also a good-looking tent, a green and beige with a blue rainfly, so it blends in nicely with your surroundings if you like, or if you want to be seen in a storm just put up the bright blue rainfly.

As far as the materials, the tent is built in China.

The rainfly is made up of 100% polyester taffeta, as is the tent. The floor is actually 100% polyethylene.

So how long does it take to build, given you'll have the kiddos eagerly nipping at your heels as you unpack this thing?

Well, the box claims a 10-minute setup. I, however, had my tent up and running in under 7 minutes. But maybe that was because I didn't get much "help" from the little ones on this day.

If you were juggling a couple kids, and needed to pound the stakes in just right, I could see it taking a full 10 or 15 minutes, but not much longer.

It's pretty simple to set up. String the two rows of tent poles together, and a third set of poles for the rainfly, then run them through the guides as you'd expect. Clip on the easy-latch insta-clips, and you're ready to crash for the night.

If you're hot, unzipped the two massive windows and door. If not, throw the rainfly on, zip up tight, and bundle up for the night. The rainfly is also great in wet weather conditions and the runoff period at your favorite fishing destination.

While a 12-foot tent can be cavernous, you should be able to pack even a massive family like mine in the tent for plenty of body heat.

Like I said, pretty sweet for a family guy like me who doesn't always have a ton of time to go fly fishing.

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