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Adamsbuilt Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket Review

Handy Fly Fishing Jacket Keeps You Dry and Warm on the Water


Adamsbuilt Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket

Adamsbuilt Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket

Brian Milne

One of my favorite products of the year, the Adamsbuilt Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket is not only named after one of my favorite fisheries (Pyramid Lake, Nevada), it’s one of the best wading jackets I’ve used on the water.

Now we’re pretty lucky out here in the California-Nevada region when it comes to weather, but when there’s a thunderstorm on the horizon or I’m fishing high/rough water, this wading jacket is the first thing I pack.

About the Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket

I love the Pyramid Lake Wading Jacket ($239.95) because it’s both light and functional.

With its premium microfiber fabric and waterproof/breathable membrane, it keeps you dry without making you sweat or make you lug around an additional 5 pounds in your pack, or, in my case, my Adamsbuilt Klamath River Wet-Dry Bag.

This wading jacket is also pretty simple, with oversized gear pockets and without tons of buttons or zippers that tend to make staying warm difficult with older, shaky, frozen hands on the stream.

Those additional entry points also make it easier for water to break the outer lining, so the fewer entry points the better in my eyes.

This particular jacket has one main zipper, and a second, rubber coated zippered pocket over the left breast, which is probably my favorite feature of the jacket.

This interior pocket is strategically placed for storing your phone, wallet or camera while on the water. And since it’s on the left-hand side, it’s easy for right-handers like myself to grab and shoot with, which is key when you’re fly fishing on difficult water.

Other than those two placements, this jacket utilizes Velco storm flaps, lined hand-warmer pockets, and draw cords on the waste and hood.

It also has a D-ring holder on the back for your trusty landing net, and another ring on the front left gear pocket for your pliers or mitten clamp.

About Adamsbuilt

Adamsbuilt, headquartered in Fallon, Nevada (775-423-4254, AdamsbuiltFishing.com), is a relative newcomer to the fly fishing industry in name only.

Hendrix Outdoors, the parent company of Adamsbuilt, has been in the fly fishing business for four decades as a distributor and also started making its own gear under the Hendrix name more than a decade ago.

In 2011, Hendrix Outdoors spun off those fly fishing products under its own brand, Adamsbuilt, to avoid any confusion with the distribution side of its operations.

So while you might be hearing Adamsbuilt for the first time, when you get these products in your hand, they feel like a brand that’s been doing this for years. And, well, the latter part is certainly true as their products feel like fly fishing gear from the “good ol’ days.”

Adamsbuilt Guarantee

Another good thing about Adamsbuilt products is the fact that everything they offer is fully guaranteed.

And if their products fail due to a manufacturing defect, Adamsbuilt will repair or replace the product at their cost, which offers nice piece of mind to anglers who aren’t as familiar with the Adamsbuilt brand.

I, personally, always try to purchase gear from brands that offer a full guarantee, particularly for wading products that often leak or easily break down because of poor manufacturing.

In my initial tests of the Adamsbuilt brand, I don’t foresee any issues with the manufacturing of their products, but, if you run into trouble, it’s good to know they stand by their product.

Additionally, for Adamsbuilt fly rods, they offer an additional rod warranty program through their retailers, so if you break a piece of your rod or have another issue with it, be sure to ask about the rod warranty/replacement program when purchasing through a dealer. 

Their products are also thoroughly tested, and many of the lakes and rivers the products are named after – local fisheries to the Nevada and neighboring California regions.

And once you pick up that Adamsbuilt gear, be sure to read up on our favorite fisheries in the Lake Tahoe region, including the Truckee River, Stampede Reservoir, Boca Reservoir, Prosser Creek Reservoir and Spooner Lake.

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