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From rods to reels and lines to leaders, here’s everything you need to have a successful day on the water.

Top Fly Rods -- Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods
A review of Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Anglers and Outdoorsmen
A look at some last minute gift ideas for the fly fishermen and outdoorsmen in your life.

Who Makes the Best Fly Rods? Here's a Look at the Top Fly Rod Makers
A look at the top fly rod makers in the sport of fly fishing, including rod building by Sage, G Loomis, Thomas and Thomas, Orvis

GPS Technology and Fishing
How GPS Technology can help anglers plot out their next fishing trip.

Top 10 Fly Tippets - Best Fly Tippet Makers
The top 10 fly fishing tippet brands used by the record holders in the 2007 World Record Game Fishes book, as listed by the IGFA.

Gift Buyer's Guide for Those Who Don't Fish
A guide designed for gift-givers who don't know much about the sport of fishing.

Top 10 Fly Reels - Best Fly Reel Makers
The top 10 fly fishing reel brands used by the record holders in the 2007 World Record Game Fishes book, as listed by the IGFA.

Top 10 Fly Rods - Best Fly Rod Makers
The top 10 fly fishing rod brands used by the record holders in the 2007 World Record Game Fishes book, as listed by the IGFA.

White River Float Tubes
A look at White River's round and open-front float tubes for fly fishing.

Gear Guide: Top 10 Outdoors Products
A look back at some of my favorite product reviews and tests from the past few years.

What to Look for in a Fishing Kayak
Some tips on what to look for in a fishing kayak

Fly Rod Basics
Fly rod basics, brands of fly rods, what kind of fly rod to buy, fly rod costs

Why's It Called Fly Fishing?

Basics: The Fly Line
The basics of fly lines

The Basics of Fly Reels
Fly reel types, sizes and prices and what kinds of fish they are used for

Getting Started in Fly Fishing
The basic equipment used in fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Wader Basics
The basics od chest waders, boot foot waders, stocking foot waders, wading boots and hip boots

Leaders and Tippets
The basics of fly fishing leaders and tippets

Books and starter kits for people new to fly tying.

A Great Fly for Winter Fishing
A variant of Lance Egan's Frenchie nymph

Early Spring Fly Fishing
How to catch trout in early spring when the water is still cold.

Five Nymphs for Early Spring Fly Fishing
Nymphs are the best flies to use in the early days of trout season.

Nymph Fishing with a Strike Indicator

Streamer Flies for Bigger Fish
Streamer flies imitate baitfish and are effective for larger trout, bass and saltwater fish.

Swinging Flies

Spey Rods and Lines

Experts: Keep Angling Clean
Felt soles don't "spread" spread didymo, but dirty gear can introduce other invasive species

Tenkara Fly-Fishing Celebrates a Milestone
Tenkara fly-fishing uses no reel, only telescoping rod, line and fly.

The Basics of Tenkara Flies
Tenkara flies are much like European and American soft hackle wet flies, but often have reversed hackle

Tenkara Rods and Lines
Tenkara rods are long enough for great line control and soft enough to cast very light lines to avoid drag.

A Tenkara Resources Guide
Websites, blogs and books about tenkara fishing

News: 'Dr. Spey,' Pebble Mine, Umpqua Leaders
News about the Pebble Mine, Cortland Line Co. and Umpqua Feather Merchants

Wet Flies for Fly-Fishing
Wet flies are effective flies for catching trout

Four Wet Flies Every Trout Fisher Should Try
Wet flies come in different styles, and all are effective in their own ways

Five Basic Dry Flies
An overview of basic dry fly styles

Six Great Dry Fly Hatches
Annual emergences of mayflies cause surface-feeding action on trout streams

The Joy of Dry-Fly Fishing
Dry-fly fishing for trout provides some of the most exciting action of the season.

Spey Nation 2014 Set for June 21

New U.S.-Made Rod & Reel Brand to Launch
Former Redington and Hardy executive Jim Murphy announces a new fly rod and reel manufacturing site in upstate New York.

High-End Tenkara Rod Line Launched
The Tenkara Shop carries rods designed by legendary Japanese angler Masami Sakakibari.

The Must-Have Pheasant Tail Nymph
The Pheasant Tail nymph belongs in every trout fisher's fly box.

Fly Stuck in a Tree? Proceed with Caution
Always check your fly after pulling it free from an obstruction

The Fly Tester: Swim Your Fly at Home
The Fly Tester allows fly-tiers to see what their flies look like in moving water

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