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Five Nymphs for Early Spring Fly Fishing


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Go Subsurface for Early Season Success
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In the cold water of early spring, nymphs are the best bet for catching trout.

Morgan Lyle

 Everybody likes rising trout. But early in the season, there's just not much for trout to rise to. Mayflies and caddis will become active within a few weeks, and when they make their sway to the surface to make the switch nymphs to winged adults, trout will be there to intercept them -- and anglers will be there with dry flies, emerges and wet flies to get in on the action. In the earliest days of the season, however, aquatic insect activity is limited. Still, trout are always happy to snack on larvae or pupae that happen to drift by, and a good selection of nymph pattertns will offer the best chance of success. Here are five nymphs that have proven themselves over the years.

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