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Where to Buy a Fishing License, Annual Permit?


It’s a question I get all the time as a fly fishing “Guide” on About.com.

Where can I buy a fishing license or annual permit?

Especially around December, when people are looking for gifts and heads-up anglers are looking to gear up for the following year.

Well, the short answer is, they sell fishing licenses at nearly every sporting goods store that has fishing gear, not to mention every fly shop in town.

You also can pick up licenses online in some instances.

Check our State Fish and Game Agencies for more license information for your particular state.

Licenses typically go on sale in December. Some states even offer a lifelong fishing license, although it's going to cost you.

As far as annual passes, don’t forget to pick one up for the vehicle and one for the boat for your favorite pay-to-play fishery.

Some agencies even offer yearly passes for multiple lakes in a region for an additional price.

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