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Fishing Trip Checklist


Fishing Trip Checklist

Photo By Brian Milne

Now that you’re making that much-anticipated fishing trip, here are some last-minute tips that will make the trip a success:

Water proof waders and float tubes: Make sure they don’t have leaks, or it’s going to be a long trip. You’ll also want to pack extra fleece underwear since you’ll be wading in snowmelt.

Replace your line: Replace that old line so “the fish of the day” doesn’t become “the one that got away.” Six-pound tippet from last year is probably about as strong as 2-pound tippet this year. Fly fishermen should check their line for cracks and replace leaders and tippet spools.

Check your reels: Make sure they’re clean and lubricated so the reel spins freely. Examine your rod: Most importantly, check to make sure your rod isn’t cracked, bent and that the guides are in tip-top condition. You might even consider bringing a backup rod and leaving it in your car in case something happens to your favorite pole.

Sort tackle: Last but not least, sort through your fly box and only bring what you need for those long hikes. Think small. Smaller flies always work best in backcountry lakes and rivers. Be sure to pack plenty of Elk Hair Caddis, Hares Ears, Midge nymphs, Pheasant Tails and emergers.

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