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Fly Fishing Basics

An introduction to fly fishing where you'll find tips, techniques and additional information that will improve your understanding of the sport and help you catch more fish.

Fishing Trip Preparation - Fishing Rod, Reel Repair
A look at fishing rod and reel repair and other tips you can utilize to prepare for your next fishing trip.

What it takes to be a professional fly fishing guide?
What it takes to be a professional fly fishing guide? About.com readers offer up their suggestions.

How Do I Become a Fly Fishing Guide?
How Do I Become a Fly Fishing Guide? It comes down to passion, and being passionate about fly fishing and guiding.

Where to Buy a Fishing License, Annual Permit?
A look at where you can pick up a fishing license or annual permit.

2009 World Fly Fishing Championships Open in Scotland
2009 World Fly Fishing Championships open in Scotland with teams from 27 countries.

What to Do When You Encounter a Bear
What to do when you encounter a Bear in the wilderness.

Teaching Kids to Fish: How Much Help is Too Much Help When Fishing With Kids?
How Much Help is Too Much Help When Fishing With Kids? From the Fly Fishing in California newsletter by the Department of Fishing and Game. Outdoors Q&A - Feb. 19, 2008.

How to Release a Rainbow Trout while Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing in California newsletter by the Department of Fishing and Game. Outdoors Q&A - Feb. 11, 2008.

Preseason fly fishing tips
A list of tips that will prepare you for your upcoming fly fishing trip and help you catch more fish in the process:

California Outdoors Q&A - Dec. 18, 2008
California Outdoors Q&A - Dec. 18, 2008

California Outdoors Q&A - Dec. 24, 2008
California Outdoors Q&A - Dec. 24, 2008

Fishing in Stormy Conditions
Fishing in stormy conditions.

Helpful Fly Fishing Tips
A look at some helpful tips and tricks that could help you out next time you're on the water.

People Who Fish: Ted Williams
Former Red Sox slugger Ted Williams was not only a great hitter but was a world class fisherman.

Add Fly Fishing News To Your Site
How to install a Fly Fishing RSS news feed on your Web site.

Add About.com Fly Fishing Content to Your Site
Step-by-step directions on how to use and add this fly fishing widget/RSS Feed to your blog or Web site.

Q&A: U.S. Team Angler Lance Egan
An interview with U.S. Team Angler Lance Egan shortly after the 2008 World Fly Fishing Championships in New Zealand.

How Trout Plants Work
A look at what goes into a trout plant and where the stocks come from.

Fly Fishing World Championships
A look at the annual Fly Fishing World Championships.

Topwater Fishing for Bass
When the weather warms and the days go longer, the topwater bite picks up for fly fishermen.

Fishing Trip Checklist
A quick checklist in preparation of your next fishing trip.

Introduction to Fly Fishing - How to Fly Fish
A general introduction to fly fishing, popular species and necessary gear.

How to Find the Trout's Feeding Zone
Everything you need to know about the four different feeding zones in a typical trout stream.

Offseason Fishing Tips
Follow these tips in the offseason and you'll set yourself up for a successful season in the spring.

Where Beginners Can Find Bargain Equipment
A running list of the top resource sites for frugal anglers shopping for fly fishing gear on a budget.

Ocean Tide Tables
Locate up-to-date tide tables for your area.

Oceanic and Atmospheric Forecast
Get the latest marine forecast in your area.

Download Topo maps of your favorite lakes, streams or backcountry trails.

Best Feeding Times
Astro tables noting ideal fish and game feeding times.

Oprah Goes Fly Fishing in Yosemite
Montana fishing guide and fellow No Nonsense Fishing Guide author Brian Grossenbacher got the opportunity of a lifetime recently when he took Oprah Winfrey on her first fly fishing trip along the Merced River in Yosemite National Park, Calif.

Five Truths about Montana’s Salmonfly Hatch
Montana’s salmonfly hatch fuels great fishing, and even greater stories. Here's the truth about the state's great salmonfly hatch.

Czech Nymphing Basics
A look at the basics of Czech Nymphing fly fishing for trout.

Fly Fishing for Monster Trout
Tips on fly fishing and catching monster trout from a Montana guide who knows how to catch the big ones.

Sierra Nevada Fly Fishing Tips from Bernard Yin of Sierra Fly Fisher
I’ve known Bernard online since before I started writing for About.com thanks to his participation on my old Central California Angler blog, so it was nice to hear from one of the best guides in the Sierra Nevada recently.

What is Whirling Disease in Trout?
Whirling disease can be found in many species of trout across the U.S. Here's what to look for and what to do if you find a fish with whirling disease.

October Fly Fishing Tips: Go Big or Go Small
In many trout fishing locations around the country, October represents the last opportunity to target active trout before winter sets in. Late season fishing often produces some of the best opportunities of the year to hook up on some monster trout.

What Size Fly Rod Should I Use?
If you’re buying a first fly rod, don’t buy a rod that’s going to work for just your inaugural fly fishing trip, but for the waters you envision yourself fishing time and time again. You can always get away with fishing lighter gear on larger waters, but it’s tough to fish oversized gear on smaller waters if that makes sense.

Top 10 Flies for Fly Fishing
A look at the Top 10 flies for fly fishing, as voted on by About readers.

Fly Fishing a Great Escape for the Daily Rigors of City Life
A column about why you need to do some more fly-fishing.

Five Fishing Resolutions for the New Year
A look at some resolutions for fly fishers and outdoorsmen this coming year to help improve our fly fishing and outdoors experience.

Five Winter Fly Fishing Tips
Five quick tips to help you catch more fish while fly fishing in the winter months.

Best Fly Lines for Fly Fishing
A look at some of the most popular fly lines, the amount of taper, and when and where they should be used on the water.

2012 Fly Fishing Outlook
Our outlook on the 2012 fly fishing season and what a lack of rain and snowmelt means for your favorite fly fishing destinations.

Fly Fishing Etiquette
A look at fly fishing etiquette tradition and best practices when fly fishing in the backcountry.

Protecting Fisheries During a Drought
The earlier we start talking about these topics and how we can help combat the affects of a looming drought the better off we'll be.

20th Anniversary of "A River Runs Through It"
This year is the 20th anniversary of "A River Runs Through It," as we look back at its influence on fly fishing and Western Montana.

Fly Fishing Small Creeks
Some tips on fly fishing small creeks and streams.

A breakdown of what size fly rods are best for the different fisheries most...
A breakdown of what size fly rods are best for the different fisheries most anglers fly fish.

Fall Fly Fishing is a Blast
A look at some of the reasons why fly fishing in the fall can be such a blast.

Best Fly Fishing Websites
A look at some of the best fly fishing websites on the web.

Wheel & Reel: Mountain Biking to Remote Fishing Spots
Tips on using a mountain bike to reach your favorite fishing spots.

Getting Your Fishing Fix During the Down Season
Some tips to help you get in the fly fishing mood in the offseason or when life keeps you off the water

Fly Fishing Tips from Neal Taylor
A look back at some fly fishing tips from our friend and fly fishing expert Neal Taylor.

Fly Fishing in the Rain, and How to Prepare for it
Some tips on how to be successful when fly fishing in the rain.

Q&A: Fishing Regulation Updates from California
California Department of Fish and Game marine biologist Carrie Wilson answers questions about using trout and bluegill for bait and many more in this week’s Q&A column.

California Q&A: Scouting Abalone
Tips from the California DFG on scouting abalone, whitefish and more.

What to Look for in a Fishing Guide
Some tips on what to look for when hiring a fishing guide.

Traveling with Fly Rods on Airplanes
Some tips on traveling with fly rods and reels on airplanes.

Choosing the Right Fly Reel
Tips on how to select a premier fly reel .

How to Look Good While Fishing
Tips on how to look good while fly fishing on the water.

How Weather Conditions Affect Trout Fishing
A look at how weather conditions can affect trout fishing.

Can You Sell Fish Caught for Sport?
The California DFG weighs in on selling fish that are caught for sport, and how it's illegal to do so without a commercial license.

Fly Fishing for Bass Tips
Some of my favorite fly fishing tips for bass.

Fly Rod Basics
Fly rod basics, brands of fly rods, what kind of fly rod to buy, fly rod costs

Why's It Called Fly Fishing?

Basics: The Fly Line
The basics of fly lines

The Basics of Fly Reels
Fly reel types, sizes and prices and what kinds of fish they are used for

Getting Started in Fly Fishing
Everything you need to know to get started in fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Wader Basics
The basics od chest waders, boot foot waders, stocking foot waders, wading boots and hip boots

Fly Fishing in Winter? Why Not?

Leaders and Tippets
The basics of fly fishing leaders and tippets

Books and starter kits for people new to fly tying.

Troubling News on Striped Bass

Fly Fishing Has a League of Its Own
The TroutLegend fly fishing league hosts tournaments on public streams in the eastern U.S.

Early Spring Fly Fishing
How to catch trout in early spring when the water is still cold.

Five Nymphs for Early Spring Fly Fishing
Nymphs are the best flies to use in the early days of trout season.

Nymph Fishing with a Strike Indicator

Three Ways to Improve Your Fly-Casting

Opponents Cheered by EPA Pebble Mine Action
Opponents of Pebble Mine project cheer EPA action

League Drops Split-shot, Indicator Ban for Some Events
Split Shot, Strike Indicators Now Allowed in Some TroutLegend Fly-Fishing Tournaments

Review: 'Kiss the Water'
The Untold Story of a Gifted Fly-Tier

New Havens for Wild Steelhead
Washington Will Quit Stocking Steelhead on Two Rivers

Streamer Flies for Bigger Fish
Streamers fly-fishing has grown in popularity in recent years.

Six Great Streamer Flies
Streamer flies catch bigger fish.

The Basics of Spey Fishing
Spey casting allows long casts with little effort, even when there's no room for a back cast

Swinging Flies

Spey Rods and Lines

Didymo Not Spread by Anglers: Scientists

Wet Flies for Fly-Fishing
Wet flies are effective flies for catching trout

Four Wet Flies Every Trout Fisher Should Try
Wet flies come in different styles, and all are effective in their own ways

Five Basic Dry Flies
An overview of basic dry fly styles

Six Great Dry Fly Hatches
Annual emergences of mayflies cause surface-feeding action on trout streams

The Joy of Dry-Fly Fishing
Dry-fly fishing for trout provides some of the most exciting action of the season.

Fly Fishing in Fairplay, Colorado
Fairplay, Colorado is an out-of-the-way destination near great fly-fishing.

Spey Nation 2014 Set for June 21

The Must-Have Pheasant Tail Nymph
The Pheasant Tail nymph is a must-have trout fly.

Tubers and Trout Fishers
Tubing on trout streams is becoming more popular, but causing conflict with fly-fishers.

Summertime Trout Fishing
Tailwater rivers and spring creeks are good places to fish for trout in the summer.

Fly-Fishing for Disabled Vets
Project Healing Wasters Fly Fishing brings wounded service members and veterans together for fishing and camaraderie.

Fly Stuck in a Tree? Proceed with Caution
Always check your fly after pulling it free from an obstruction

Fly-Fishing for Bass
Snallmouth and Largemouth bass are great for fly-fishing

How to Make a Reach Cast
The Reach Cast helps you overcome drag and catch more fish

How Montana Keeps Its Trout Wild
Montana doesn't stock trout in streams with wild trout populations

Interview with Jim Murphy of Douglas Outdoors
Douglas Outdoors will sell high-end American-made fly rods, along with mid-priced models

Survey: Anglers Prefer Fishing to Family
Anglers said in a survey they would rather fish than spend time with family, go to work or meet the president

Chest Pack Vs. Vest
Chest packs have become popular with younger anglers

Fall Brings Steelhead Fever to Great Lakes Tribs
Steelhead trout offer exciting fly-fishing on Great Lakes tributaries

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