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Fly Fishing Species


There are hundreds of species of freshwater and saltwater fish that fly fishermen pursue year-round. Here's a running list of some of the most popular species in the eyes of fly fishers.
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A majority of fly fishers spend their time fishing freshwater streams, rivers and lakes. The rainbow trout is by far the most sought-after species by fly anglers, although the largemouth pass is the most popular fish in the eyes of the general fishing population. Either way, there are a number of freshwater species that make for good fishing throughout the seasons.


Nearly 40 percent of Americans live in counties directly on the shoreline, and many more live nearby. They have access to a wide variety of spectacular game fish suitable for fly-fishing. These continually updated articles will explain how to find and catch fish in coastal areas and estuaries.

Records Watch

More and more species are being added to the International Game Fish Association's record book each year. In 2008, the IGFA added eight new species to the record book. Here's a look at some record catches at both the state, national and international levels.

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