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What is a Trout Royal Slam?


I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a trout grand slam on a fly fishing trip in California’s Sierra Nevada.
But I’ve still got my work cut out for me in terms of the Trout Royal Slam.
According to the International Game Fish Association, as of October 2012, 28 members had achieved the seven-trout slam.
The latest was Todd Humphrey of Redlands, Calif.
It took him about three years to complete the Trout Royal Slam.
Now the Trout Royal Slam, for those who aren’t familiar, is an angler catching each of the following trout: a cutthroat trout, brook trout, golden trout, brown trout, bull trout, rainbow trout and lake trout.
I’ve personally caught all but two of the above species.
Unfortunately for me, the two remaining trout are two of the toughest to come by, at least for a guy who lives on the California coast.
I’ve fortunately caught a golden trout, at Cottonwood lakes a few years back.
But I’m still looking for two other tough-to-come-by-species: the cutthroat trout and the bull trout.
Humphrey’s caught his cutthroat trout at Pyramid Lake in Nevada, which is a lake I’m going to have to visit soon so I can make a run at completing this Trout Royal Slam.
His bull trout was caught at Deming Creek, Oregon.
Other than that, I’ve been lucky to catch and photograph the other five types of trout.
Going for the Slam
My first trout, like many anglers, was the rainbow trout, caught as a kid on Lee Vining Creek near Yosemite.
I finally caught a brook trout in high school up at Dinkey Lakes, another set of backcountry water in the High Sierra.
My first brown trout also came from the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, this time from the lower river near the Dinkey Creek Campground.
It terms of the lake trout, my first lake trout actually came on a river, the Ogden River to be exact. I caught the fish on a fly just downstream from the dam located a couple minutes outside of Ogden.
Trout Outside the Slam
I guess, however, that I have caught a trout or two that isn’t on this list, so maybe I’m making up my own slam.
I have been fortunate enough to land a steelhead trout here on the Central Coast of California, which is hard to come by.
I’ve also caught the rare Kern River Rainbow, a subspecies of redband trout native to the Kern River drainage.
That said, I still want to catch a bull trout one of these days, and also get out on Pyramid Lake and try my hand at going for my first cutthroat.
A third type of trout I’d like to catch is the redband trout up in Oregon, but is not listed as part of the slam. Maybe if we catch all seven and the redband trout, we should call is the Royal Redbansd Slam.
Bass Slam
I’m not sure if there’s an official bass slam, but I’ve been fortunate enough to land four different types of freshwater bass: striped bass, white bass, spotted bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass.
The striped bass was the toughest bass to land for me, because they’re far and few in between and because they are big, strong, powerful fish that can be hard to land on a fly.
I caught my first striped bass on Nacimiento River, on a fly nonetheless.
The white bass are also very tough to catch, because they’re only located in a few fisheries on the West Coast.
I’ve even caught a couple of saltwater “bass,” the blue bass, which is a popular rockfish off the coast of California.
Just be sure to properly gear up before you go after that slam, because some of those species are far and few in between, and the last thing you want to do is lose out on a slam by having your line snap at the river’s edge.

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