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Streamer Fishing for Bass

Use Streamers when Fly Fishing For Post-Spawn Bass


Largemouth bass caught while fly fishing a streamer.

Largemouth bass caught while fly fishing a streamer.

Brian Milne

I’ve received a few questions over the past week about what flies to use when fly fishing for bass?

Good question I say. Depends on the bass you’re fishing for, the time of year, and where you’re fishing, but you can't go wrong when streamer fishing for bass.

Streamers Resemble Baitfish

For me, at my favorite hometown lake here in California after the spawn, the local fishing shack owner suggested to not even worry about going for largemouth bass because they had “lockjaw” with all of the baitfish in the water.

And he was right, about the bait part. There were millions of baitfish cruising the shallows on this day, but after throwing everything I had in the box, I figured if you can’t beat them, join them.

So instead of trying something unique, I went with a pattern that, you guessed it, resembled a baitfish.

Mix it up with Streamers

While all of the local tournament bass anglers were dropshotting, I went to the shallows and started throwing streamers that looked like tiny bass. Because the streamers didn’t look exactly like a bass, or a trout, it stood out just enough to be a hit amongst the million baitfish. A handful of times.

I caught two nice-sized fish along with a handful of dinks on the various streamers in my bag.

And streamers are also nice for crappie, if the bass bite turns off on your favorite water, so always be sure to pack plenty of streamers if you’re fly fishing for warmwater species after the spawn.

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