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Fly Fishing Species

A look at the different freshwater and saltwater species that make fly fishing the great sport that it is.

Is the Sacramento pikeminnow hurting steelhead, trout, salmon…
A look at Sacramento pikeminnow (formerly known as Sacramento squawfish) management in the native Sacramento River system.

User Fishing Tales of Monster Fish
Everyone has a story about "the big one" that either did or didn't get away. Share your monster fish story on About.com, and don't forget to explain where and how you caught that mega fish of yours.

Hooked: National Geographic Show Brings Back Memories of Monster Fish
Zeb Hogan's National Geographic show proves that fly fishing for "Mega Fish" is a challenge.

Popular Species of Trout – Fly Fishing for Trout
A look at some popular species of trout, including the rainbow trout, brown trout, golden trout, cutthroat trout and steelhead trout.

Possible World Record Steelhead Caught in Washington
A Possible World Record Steelhead was Caught in Washington in February 2009 by Peter Harrison on the Hoh River.

How to Catch a Striped Bass
A profile of the striped bass, also known as a striper, a freshwater and saltwater species that can be found from coast to coast.

Kern River Rainbow Trout
A look back at the Kern River Rainbow Trout.

All About the Brown Trout
Everything you need to know about the brown trout.

All About the Largemouth Bass
Everything you need to know about the Largemouth Bass, one of the most popular overall game fish in North America.

About the Spotted Bass - How to Catch a Spotted Bass
A profiled of the spotted bass, a southern species that can be a fun substitute for bass on ponds, lakes and rivers in the South.

Rainbow Trout
Everything you need to know about the rainbow trout, the most popular species for fly fishermen.

Steelhead Trout
Some tips to keep in mind next time you're fly fishing for steelhead trout.

Golden Trout
Everything you need to know about the golden trout, native to the Kern River watershed in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Complete List of Freshwater Species

Complete List of Saltwater Species

Fly Fishing for Mountain Whitefish
Mountain whitefish are a unique species for fly fishermen to pursue in Western North America coldwater streams and rivers.

Fly Fishing for Tiger Trout
What is a tiger trout and where can you catch the brown trout-brook trout hybrid.

Q&A with Paul Sharman: Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks
Q&A with Paul Sharman, talking about fly fishing for mako sharks in San Diego.

Fly Fishing for Carp - How to Fly Fish for Carp
Have you ever wanted to fly fish for carp, but didn’t know where to start? We ask Carolina Bone Fishing guide Captain Paul Rose.

Streamer Fishing for Bass
Even when there are baitfish everywhere, consider using streamers when fly fishing for bass.

Fishing for Snakeheads: Fly Fishing Guide Shares Insight on Catching a Snakehead
Fly fishing guide Rob Snowhite talks about catching a 34-inch snakehead on a fly and how to fly fish for snakehead.

What Flies to Use to Catch a ...
A breakdown of the best flies to catch sea trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, cutthroat trout and arctic char.

Fly Fishing for Sea Trout
A closer look at the misunderstood sea trout, a popular, sea-run game fish that's actually native to Europe.

Fly Fishing for Shad
Fly fishing for the American shad isn't on the top of the list for a lot of fly fishers, but if you're on a river during a run it's definitely worth giving these often overlooked fish a shot.

Types of Fish to Fly Fish for
A look at a dozen or so of the most popular freshwater fish to fly fish for.

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout and Cutthroat
A closer look at fly fishing for brook trout and cutthroat trout.

Unique Types of Trout
A look at unique types of trout, including the tiger trout, sea trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout and Kern River rainbow trout.

Native Fish in California
A look at the native fish and introduced (non-native species) in California.

What is a Trout Royal Slam?
A look out the species of trout that make up the IGFA trout royal slam.

Fly Fishing for Crappie
Tips for fly fishing for black and white crappie.

Fly Fishing for Redfish
Tips for fly fishing for redfish, or red drum, along with where to catch them.

Types of Freshwater Fish Species
A look at the different types of freshwater fish species in California.

Saltwater Species Caught on the West Coast – Part I
Saltwater Species Caught on the West Coast – Part I

Troubling News on Striped Bass

EPA: Pebble Mine a Potential Catastrophe for Salmon and Trout

Streamer Flies for Bigger Fish
Trout, bass, pike and saltwater fish can be caught on streamers.

Six Great Streamer Flies
Streamer flies imitate baitfish instead of insects and appeal to big fish.

The Basics of Spey Fishing
Spey casting allows long casts with little effort, even when there's no room for a back cast

Saltwater Species Caught on the West Coast Part 2
Saltwater Species Caught on the West Coast Part 2

Safe Wading
Common sense and some basic gear can help anglers stay on their feet in the water.

Fly-Fishing for Bass
Snallmouth and Largemouth bass are great for fly-fishing

How Montana Keeps Its Trout Wild
Montana doesn't stock trout in streams with wild trout populations

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