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A look at basic casting techniques along with the various types of casts and when to use them.

How to Hold a Fly Rod
Three of the most popular grips for fly fishing.

Five Keys to Better Casting
The only way to get better at casting is to practice, practice, practice. Keep these five ideas in mind while you practice casting, and you'll enjoy more success on the water.

Fly Casting Video
A how-to cast video on fly fishing.

Fundamentals of Fly Casting
Fly Fisherman article on the basics of casting by Lefty Kreh.

Fly Casting Fundamentals
A look at some basic fly casting rules courtesy letsflyfish.com.

Fly Fishing Community
FlyFishingCommunity.com offers user forums where anglers can go to find answers to casting questions.

Nymph Fly Fishing Tips
Have trouble casting a nymph while fly fishing? Here's a look at the best ways to cast while nymph fishing.

Three Ways to Improve Your Fly-Casting

The Basics of Spey Fishing
Spey casting allows long casts with little effort, even when there's no room for a back cast

Swinging Flies

Spey Rods and Lines

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