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Weatherproof Your Boat – Protecting Fishing Boats From the Elements

Some Easy Ways Anglers Can Protect Their Vessel from the Harsh Weather


Extreme weather not only wreaks havoc on fly fishermen, but plagues their boats as well.

Here are some tips to help protect your boat in extreme weather conditions:

Buy a Boat Cover

Boat covers are the easiest way to protect your investment, protecting the interior of your boat from rain, snow, wind and even UV rays from the sun. Without a cover or overhang protecting your boat, your seats can get waterlogged, faded or ripped, the floor can get flooded and fill up with leaves, and any fishing gear inside will get damaged and corroded.

You can find reasonable boat covers at most online dealers, including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.

Pull the Drain Plug

Another way to prevent flooding your boat is to pull the drain plug while it’s out of the water and not in use.

Just remember to replace the plug before you hit the water again! One way to remember the plug is to attach it to the starter or engine with a wire or tie-down, so you can’t start without noticing the plug hasn’t been replaced.

It also helps to park your boat on an include, with the plug end of the boat facing downhill so any water that makes its way into the boat drains properly.

Prevent the Cover From Sagging

Even the best boat covers wear down after time. To prevent sagging and puddles of standing water, be sure to secure the cover in place with rope or bungee lines. Raising the boat seats, or a post toward the center of the boat may also ensure water will hit the cover and drain properly off the sides of the boat. Adding 2”x4”s or plywood across the top of the boat will also help prevent any sagging.

Cover the Wheels The weather can also be tough on the wheels of your boat trailer, so be sure to cover those as well and place logs or rocks under the tires to prevent your trailer from moving in a storm. Tire covers can be found at most auto parts stores.

Store Your Gear Indoors

Don’t leave outdoors gear in your boat unless it’s a necessity. Along with water damage, mold can also damage your gear if left in the boat. Anglers should always store their electronics, rods, reels and other equipment indoors when possible. This includes the boat’s battery if possible, which could get corroded if left in the boat in the offseason. It’s better to bring the battery in the garage, and charge it up for your next fishing trip while you’re at it.

Stay Off the Water in Storms

It’s also a good idea to stay off the water during a major storm. Flooding and harsh weather usually leads to debris on the water, and debris can cause serious damage to your vessel if anglers aren’t cautious while boating.

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